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  Our Philosophy

We are youth-centered . . .

  • Youth take an active role in determining program content and activities.
  • Accomplishments are recognized and rewarded.
  • Personal skill-building progressively builds confidence and leadership in youth.
  • Youth take leadership roles with their peers, with younger youth, and in the community.
We engage families in fun activities . . .
  • Entire families belong and join together in fun and exciting activities.
  • Program includes the family in whatever form it takes in today’s society.
  • Parents, extended family members, and members of the community interact with youth and improve their own parenting and mentoring skills through their relationship with Camp Fire.
We are welcoming and inclusive . . .
  • Camp Fire programs are designed to provide co-educational activities for all youth.
  • Youth find a safe and inclusive place to explore the uniqueness of who they are.
  • Youth develop assets that are essential to the process of building character and maturity.
We build youth and adult partnerships . . .
  • Youth and adults work together to design, implement, and evaluate what they want to do.
  • Youth form lasting relationships with adults.
  • Young people need opportunities to be involved in positive activities with parents, family members, and other caring adults outside the family circle.
We provide service to others . . .
  • Service is a major component of programs.
  • Youth gain an awareness of the community and its needs.
  • Youth have an opportunity to participate in the initiation, planning, and execution of service projects that meet those needs.
  • Young people can make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of their families and their communities


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