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                  Fletcher Academy Internship Opportunity 
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                  Fletcher Academy Internship Application Form
                  Internship Opportunity - Senior Eco Counselor/Education Facilitator

Location: Camp Fletcher, 5150 Fletcher Road, Bessemer, AL 35022

Internship Period: August 24, 2020 – October 24, 2020

Brief description of the position:

Fletcher Academy—a new experience in outdoor learning—is looking for college students to serve as counselors and educational aids to work with students engaged in remote and virtual learning, while attending fall day camp. The program was created in response to parents pursuing alternatives to traditional school (in-person instruction) in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students will work on Chromebooks or laptops in outdoor classrooms during hours scheduled for academic learning. The rest of the daily schedule will consist of social and emotional (nonacademic) lessons, environmental education, and traditional day camp activities such as archy, hiking, arts and crafts, canoeing, and field games—with academic experiences embedded.

Internship Candidates:

  • Students majoring in education

  • Students majoring in environmental science

  • Students majoring in recreational education

  • Students with majoring nutrition or public health

  • Students majoring in social services, child development or psychology

Learning Opportunities:

  • Experience academic learning in an outdoor setting

  • Experience the concept of collaborative education

  • Experience working with students learning remotely

  • Creation of interactive lesson plans:

    • academic lesson plans embedded in traditional camp activities

    • recreational education plans

    • environmental education lesson plans

    • health & nutrition experiential lesson plans

  • Engagement in the social and emotional development of students
                   For more information, please call Talicia Addison at (205) 584-6033