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'Our programs teach the social and emotional curriculum required of teachers-which frees teachers to focus on collaborative academics and their applications.'

Camp Fire in-school programs provide experiences which equip youth with the support and knowledge they need to succeed, now and in their future; knowledge that will keep them safe, give them opportunity, and improve their community. Programs are relevant, measurable, sustainable, and scientifically sound as a result of extensive market research, implementation of both program outcome measurements and program quality assessments, and strategic investment in growing our resources.

In-School Programs include:

  • The Character Development/Outside-In program was created in response to a rise in incidents involving bullying, intimidation, and violence in our schools. The goal of the program is to give students a better understanding of the feelings and emotions of others, thereby fostering tolerance and respect within the school environment.  Programs are designed for middle-school students primarily in the 7th & 8th grades. Click HERE to view program information.

  • Links-Up Mentoring is a program in which college students are recruited and trained to work in pairs as mentors to groups of youth in elementary and middle schools in the surrounding area. The students receive a one (1) hour classroom session, once (1) per week, for approximately seven (7) weeks.  Topics discussed in the mentor groups typically include issues related to self-esteem, teamwork, bullying, conflict resolution, decision making, social development and family. Mentors assist in the child's growth and development by empowering them with the knowledge to make wise decisions.  Click HERE to view program information.

  • The Self Reliance program offers four courses to children in K-5th grades: Count on Me Kids, I'm Safe and Sure, I Can Do It, and I'm Peer Proof. Designed to develop and enhance children's critical thinking and decision-making skills in the area of personal safety, courses equip children to cope with emergencies, handle conflict, lead healthy lifestyles, and build positive peer relationships.

  • The Career Prep program provides 4th-9th grade students with the opportunity to gather knowledge about their personalities and aptitudes, and how to relate them to career choices.

Program Goals & Objectives:

1. Teaching students to develop and internalize a caring, kind, and tolerant nature
    a. Reduce number of behavioral incidents
    b. Reduce absences
    c. Reduce disruptions requiring disciplinary intervention

2. Helping students to discover their spark and develop skills, passions, and attributes that are necessary to succeed.
    a. Increase confidence and self-regard
    b. Expand students' capacity for learning
    c. Create an exciting and collaborative learning environment

3. Providing quality curricula that enhance the common core standards of education
    a. Relieve teachers of "soft skills" responsibilities
    b. Allow a deeper focus on academics
    c. Increase instructional time

Camp Fire has been serving central Alabama area schools with in-school programming for 40 years, and has enduring relationships with counselors and other school personnel in Birmingham City, Bessemer City, Jefferson County, and Shelby County School Systems.



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