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  Service & Leadership Programs 
Youth want to shape the world, especially teens! Teen service and leadership are vital to building healthy communities and a better world. To develop this important resource, Camp Fire guides teens through impactful community service and leadership experiences.  Camp Fire's Teen Service and Leadership Programs provide a variety of opportunities to help teens develop as effective and engaged citizens now.
Afterschool Clubs

Age-level clubs meet weekly in a small-group environment.  Clubs revolve around Camp Fire’s educational, outcome-based curriculum.  Boys and girls learn how to play and work together, while appreciating their similarities and differences in a constructive and positive manner.  Clubs allow youth to make new friends, build confidence and self-esteem, as well as earn awards and emblems, while participating in outdoor activities and community service. 

Summer Camp Teen Programs

Several of our summer camps offer special leadership programs for teens. Teen involvement ranges from Campers-In-Action to Counselors-In-Training.  Visit the “Camp Fletcher” menu section of our site for more information about Camp Fire’s summer camps in Alabama.

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